We've answered some of your most frequently asked questions regarding your wedding flowers. The list is by no means exhaustive so please contact us there is anything we haven't covered.

Q) I've seen a style of wedding bouquet I like, but I'd like it in different colours. Is this possible?

A) Yes! Flowers come in such a range of colours and we design your bouquet for you.

Q) I'd love you to provide my wedding flowers, but I live in a different part of the country. Are you able to travel?

A) It would depend on our other commitments for your chosen date. We would price the wedding flowers as usual and then work out the delivery charge. 

Q) Why do you ask about our wedding flower budget up front?

A) So we can tailor your consultation to realistically meet your budget.

Q) I've really no clue about flowers. How can you help me choose what I would like in my wedding bouquet?

A) We have a huge selection of our own photographs along with books and magazines which we can use to get an idea of what you would like.

Q) Can you show me exactly what my bouquet will look like?

A) We can make you a taster or a full sized bouquet. However we would have to charge for this service.

Q) I'm only available for a wedding consultation after work or at weekends, would that be a problem?

A) Not at all. Because we work from a studio rather than a shop we can be more flexible and arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient time and place.

Q) I'm not really fussed about flowers but feel I ought to have some. What would you recommend?

A) One of our wedding packages maybe ideal for you. However don't feel pressured into something you don't want!

Q) I'd like artificial wedding flowers. Is that something you can provide?

A) Yes absolutely. Artificial are ideal if you are getting married abroad or are having a couple of celebrations. Or just fancy keeping them afterwards.

Q) I'm not keen on artificial flowers but I want to be able to keep my flowers after our wedding. What would you recommend?

A) Talk to the lovely people at Precious Petals before your wedding and they will advise how they can help you. 

Q) What time will my flowers be delivered on my wedding day?

A) We will discuss this with you nearer the time to arrange what's best for you, however we generally recommend delivery 2-3 hours before the time of your wedding. This allows plenty of time for photographs and for you to check you are happy.

Q) Should I put my wedding flowers in the fridge once they arrive?

A) NO! Household fridges can be too cold for your flowers and they can wilt once removed. Keep them somewhere safe and cool.

Q) How should I carry my bouquet?

A) Most importantly RELAX and hold it how it feels comfortable! We will give you and your bridesmaids a mini bouquet holding 'lesson' when we arrive with the flowers.

Q) My Partner is not getting ready at the same address. Can you deliver to two separate addresses?

A) Yes, we often do.

Q) I don't want to carry flowers on my wedding day. I've got some other ideas but am not sure if you can help?

A) Our floristry skills are transferable and we are highly creative people, so do get in touch, we maybe able to help you with something more original.