last weeks Bouquets....ORANGE FLASH

Orange & Blue- can it be true? These colours don't really sound a likely combination to be found on a flower but they absolutely do! Naturally occurring in nature this weeks bouquets feature the stunning Bird of Paradise Flower whose striking orange and blue petals always cause a flutter wherever they go!

Bird of Paradise flowers also hold another secret...inside the beak like bud there are further flowers which sometimes need a little helping hand to come out once the first flowers are over :) Suprise!

We've teamed them up with scented blue 'Gem' hyacinth (some of the first of the new season), Captain Beatrix Calla lilies, and some Germini, 'Aspy'.

Our large bouquet this week also holds some soft apricot roses, delicate Dill along with some extra blooms of the above.

Lime green Anastasia blooms add pops of colour to the bouquets, and you'll also find some Anigozathus or Kangaroo Paw, included. Once these buds open they look a little like kangaroos paws so the theory goes. I can't say I've ever seen a kangaroo but if anyone would like to confirm this, please get in touch! As usual Your flowers can be left as they are on delivery. I just recommend that they are regularly topped up with water using the flower food provided.


Let us at The Flower Studio we think it's boring (and unrealistic) to produce a set of standard designs to replicate over and over again. We would rather be in tune with the flowers which are in season and looking stunning right now, and for you to enjoy the flowers that we are in love with at the moment too...

So, each week we are offering a delivery of exciting, super fresh florist’s choice flowers available for delivery on a Friday or Saturday throughout Manchester. Each week the selection changes and they areavailable to buy as a one off bouquet or as a subscription, as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Delivering the freshest flowers to you has always been something we are hugely passionate about, we don't want to sell you flowers which have already been sat around for a few days, so our #Flowerfriday flowers will be delivered to us super fresh on a Thursday. We will give them a nice long drink, a little food and get them organised for delivering on Friday, (or Saturday if it's more convenient for you). This means you need to be quick with ordering, once they're gone they're gone!

If you would like to be kept informed about our #Flowerfriday bouquets, please fill in the contact form below.

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