this weeks Bouquets....rose gold rush

I'm always one for excitement when something new becomes available. I want it! It could be a new variety of flower or, in todays case, a new spray paint colour. ROSE GOLD. Now I should say I'm not really one for altering the natural colours of plant material, however, that said, every now and again just a hint can really add to a design. And in some cases of design work (esecially some funeral work) it is absolutely necessary.

So I decided this weeks #flowerfriday bouquets needed to include some Rose Gold Poppy seed heads, just lightly coloured with accents of the soft green still showing through. I've complimented these with antique pink Astilbe, Rustic Daucus, fantastic 'Lady Bombastic' spray roses, and some very pretty 'Pip' chrysanth blooms.

Lilies also feature from our fabulous English grower 'Smith & Munson', I visited the farm earlier this year and I can personally vouch for the quality of these stems. At least 6 buds per stem! The variety I chose is called 'Fireball', and will open into scented, speckled deep maroon and cream blooms.

You will also find a cheeky Gerbera and Chincherinchee in our bouquets.

This weeks Large bouquet contains just one extra flower stem, but what a stunner of a stem full of flowers! Just back into season Cymbidium orchids are one of my all time favourites which will be with us through to the springtime now. However, I could only find one of this colour beauts today so if you like this one, purchase quick as additional orders will have a different colour complimenting cymbidium.

As usual Your flowers can be left as they are on delivery. I just recommend that they are regularly topped up with water using the flower food provided.


Let us at The Flower Studio we think it's boring (and unrealistic) to produce a set of standard designs to replicate over and over again. We would rather be in tune with the flowers which are in season and looking stunning right now, and for you to enjoy the flowers that we are in love with at the moment too...

So, each week we are offering a delivery of exciting, super fresh florist’s choice flowers available for delivery on a Friday or Saturday throughout Manchester. Each week the selection changes and they areavailable to buy as a one off bouquet or as a subscription, as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Delivering the freshest flowers to you has always been something we are hugely passionate about, we don't want to sell you flowers which have already been sat around for a few days, so our #Flowerfriday flowers will be delivered to us super fresh on a Thursday. We will give them a nice long drink, a little food and get them organised for delivering on Friday, (or Saturday if it's more convenient for you). This means you need to be quick with ordering, once they're gone they're gone!

If you would like to be kept informed about our #Flowerfriday bouquets, please fill in the contact form below.

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