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<p>Summery pinks and lilacs nudge aside for autumn to get a look in! We addwd in some #blue #viburnum #berries to link with the #groomsmen suits too. #wedding #weddingflowers #Manchester #realflorist #bridetobe #bridalbouquet #autumn #flowers #love  (at The Flower Studio - Manchester)</p>

Summery pinks and lilacs nudge aside for autumn to get a look in! We addwd in some #blue #viburnum #berries to link with the #groomsmen suits too. #wedding #weddingflowers #Manchester #realflorist #bridetobe #bridalbouquet #autumn #flowers #love (at The Flower Studio - Manchester)

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Flower Tiles #lonely bouquet

Today we spread 16 pretty pieces of floral jigsaw across Manchester to spread the love of flowers, (and of course to raise the profile of The Flower Studio Manchester!)


 Here is the floral jigsaw complete…



It’s even been numbered so you can see exactly where your piece sits :)


A huge 8 out of 16 of the tiles have been claimed by the good people of Manchester.

Here’s what one finder said, “Walking to the Piccadilly Basin car Park after a stressful day and thinking about what else could happen, when I spotted a tray of flowers just inside the gateway. Read the note and - big smile!!!! What a brilliant idea and it certainly made my day. The adoptee is sitting on my desk at the moment and the smile is still in place. Thank you.

If you have found one of the pieces please let us know which one. Just here would be ideal….and if you haven’t remember you can order flowers for delivery right across Manchester by calling Alison on 07857 968930 or emailing  alison@flowerstudiomanchester.co.uk.

Date for your Diary: MOTHER’S DAY SUNDAY 6th MARCH 2016

Alison x

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Florists choice...?

It’s high time for a new blog, and well to be honest whilst storm Imogen is swirling around outside I’m more than happy to tuck up in front of the computer with a vase of flowers to relieve the screen stress, and have a chat, (even if it is one way…comments gratefully received!)


I use ‘florists choice’, quite a bit through my wedding pricelists as a baseline price and I thought I ought to do some explaining, just so that you understand how this works and why you get a really good deal with it!

Firstly, let me explain a little how flower growing and buying works. For the most part, flowers grown all across the world will be transported immediatley on cutting to huge auction and distribution hubs in Holland, where they will be bid on by wholesale suppliers. The auction clocks for these flowers goes down instead of up, meaning that if you want that particular variety bids go in quick and a higher price is paid for it. Sometimes if there has been damage to a crop or limited quantities of certain flowers are coming through, prices get absolutely giddy, but the wholesalers will bid because they have had an order placed for it. This higher price has to be factored in when quoting for specific blooms. (But isn’t always heart stopping, some flowers keep a nice steady price all year!)

Photo source:http://www.virginfarms.com/flower-fact-friday-dutch-flower-auction

When you choose ‘FLORISTS CHOICE’ as an option, I will go to the flower market the week of your wedding and choose flowers which match your style, colours and wedding theme, I won’t guarantee specific varieties or flowers, but what I will do is choose the most beautiful blooms to create with. Sometimes new varieties are there, or the most amazing flower which would look stunning against your bridesmaid dresses but we hadn’t considered.

So does this mean you need to worry about what would be used for your flowers? Not at all, I am hugely passionate about creating beautiful flowers that you will love, and usually you get something more amazing than you could ever have imagined. Take a look at some photos of previous ‘florists choice’ bouquets.

Above: Yins florist choice bouquet in Purples, lilacs and ivory.

Above: Emilys florist choice bridal bouquet in Rich autumnal colours. See bridemaids photograph below to see just how well that purple anenome matched their dresses.

Florists choice certainly isn’t for everyone but suits some people, especially if you are on a budget, or don’t want to add to the list of decisions which need to be made whilst planning a wedding!

Why not book your consultation now.


07857 968930

Alison x

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It’s not everyday that you get asked to go on National Radio to chat about flowers! But when opportunitites like this do arise, it would be plain rude to turn them down, even if you do feel petrified about what you’ve just agreed to!

I was elbow deep in bread dough when the the telephone rang on Tuesday evening, and the Chairman for the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies was asking me whether I would be willing to go and chat to Winifred Robinson from the BBC Radio 4′s ‘You and Yours’ program.

After a quick chat to the programs editor about the rise in popularity of faux flowers, or as I prefer to call them, permanent botanicals, I agreed to go and have a chat on air  and take some fresh flowers with me as a comparison.


As a florist, working with fresh flowers is always my first choice, the scent, the feel and subtle variations in each bloom just cannot be replicated. However, I absolutely believe that permanent botanicals have their time and place, and you can now get some very convincing ones, which from a distance would even have me straining to guess correctly whether they are real or false. But, be prepared to pay for quality.

Of course false flowers have huge advantages of you are getting married abroad and wish to take your blooms with you, or if you are looking for a low maintenance display to put in the corner of your room. They work perfectly for some of our floral jewellery designs, and of course they keep forever!


They are beautiful for what they are, but somehow they are still not quite as captivating as the real thing!


If you would like to listen to Alisons chat with Winifred Robinson please click here, which will take you to the BBCs Iplayer. The recording should be available for at least the next year! The discussion about faux flowers starts at 0:22 minutes in.

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<p>Just couldn’t resist collecting these #gems of #autumn today!</p>

Just couldn’t resist collecting these #gems of #autumn today!

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The Wellbeing Farm

When I heard about this gem of a Wedding Venue I fell in love instantly. Not only does it have the most fantastic views, but also the most cheeky Llamas and lovable Donkeys, the food they serve is also divine.

It only seemed natural that we ought to exhibit at their wedding Fair and provide folk with a good sample of floral goodness that would compliment the The Wellbeing Farms Barn.

Early September the first signs of Autumn are starting to show in the flower markets, but Summers not giving up, so we decided to theme the flowers to link both the seasons, pretty pinks mingled with deep reds with a sprinkling of blackberries, gave a really lush late summer feel to the displays. The inclusion of Emmer wheat grown every year for The Flower Studio complimented the barns hay bales perfectly.

Thinking outside the box a little, we even created an alternative to the traditional Church weddings ‘Pew end’. Why not add decoration to the end of your Hay Bales!

Of course no wedding fair (let alone bride!) would be complete without a beautiful bouquet for visitors to get a chance to hold and chat about, and we owe a huge thank you to Frank from www.stleonardsweddingcars.co.uk for letting us use his stunning cars as a backdrop for this Hand tied bouquet.

To help Wellbeing Farm couples plan and budget for their big day, we have also put together wedding flower packages which include bouquets, buttonholes and floral displays for the Barn itself. Please contact alison@flowerstudiomanchester.co.uk or 07857 968930 for more information about these.

We also took along our gorgeous new lanterns, available to hire, again contact us for more information.

With so much preparation and a hungry husband to keep in in check it was very fortunate that we had two wonderfully tempting foodie suppliers right next to us who kept us well fed throughout! Nic from The Buttercream Kitchen, and Laura from Gold’s Luxury Icecream in Wigan! Thanks ladies!

If you’ve reached reading this far, thank you!

Alison x


07857 968930

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Every now and again we like to get ourselves out of of the Studio & come and see you all. This is when our pop-up shops emerge!

A couple of weeks back we ‘popped up’ at Chorlton Arts Festival craft fair & Prestwich Clough Day. Thank you to everyone who supported us over these couple of days & a huge congratulations to Jo who won the competition we were running…  ‘Guess the number of Flowers in the Vase’.


Jo won one of our popular aqua packed bouquets full of summery roses, peonies, agapanthus, campanula, astilbe and limoneum.


Oh and in case you were wondering, there were 295 flowers in that vase!

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The Great Northern Wedding Show

Last Sunday saw us exhibiting at The Great Northern Wedding Show, a really fabulous show run by Little White Books.

The sun was shining gloriously outside, and there was a real buzz inside as everyone was excitedly chatting about their wedding plans. We thorougly enjoyed meeting all the potential brides and grooms to be, and we would love you to consider using The Flower Studio Manchester for your wedding flowers.

So if you missed us, here are a few pictures of what we created…of course its always better to see designs in the flesh, or should we say ‘petal’! (groan) Hope to see you at another wedding fair in the very near future.

Our pair of gorgeous blossom trees are available to hire from just £200 plus delivery for the pair. These completely transform indoor rooms. They look magical at the front of a ceremony room, they can be used as tablecentrepieces and provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

How about a floral frame with your table plan or order of the day in? This design is completely customisable, blackboard, photo frame, or a table plan designed by your stationer in the centre…its up to you. 

We are predicting a trend with big trailing bouquets coming into fashion again. This one is certainly big on impact with four different varieties of roses, clematis, viburnum opulus, jasmine, orchids, bouvardia, ageratum, eryngium, not to mention all the textures of foliage we used!

Still if big and trailing is not your thing, we can make neat and compact too! Loving the tones in this bouquet which just looked fab against the ombre bridesmaid dress available from Bridalwear by Emma Louise. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different for the gents, how about a Pocket Square? Replacing the more traditional buttonhole but still looking super smart we were pleased to showcase this for the first time this weekend. It was so popular that I know know we will be designing plenty more, which is great because I LOVE them!

And not forgetting the tablecentepieces! These would look great in a tall vase too. Remember you can vary the heights of the tablecentrepieces to make the room appear fuller and more visually appealing, try some low and some high.

Now, onto thinking about getting back my New Years Resolution and designing a Bouquet of the Month for May!

Alison x

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Happy Flower Arranging Day!

Today (May 1st) is National Flower Arranging Day, and all over the country Flower Club members have been leaving Lonely bouquets for members of the public to find and enjoy.

Alison at The Flower Studio demonstrates for Flower Clubs and as a result was asked to deliver a targeted bouquet to Alex Jones from The One Show. On behalf of the Northwest area of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS)

So, will National Flower Arranging Day get a mention on air tonight? We hope so, but if not, here they are for you to enjoy.

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"make a stranger smile"

For lonely bouquet day we created a patchwork of flowers & spread individual 'patches' across Manchester to share our love of flowers.

We know a couple of our patches were adopted...did you give a home to one of the others?If you found one of our flower patches we would love to hear from you.


Congratulations to our Flowerbeard Competition winner Elisabet Flood. Enjoy your flowers Elisabet!